About me


my name is Tizian Hener and I am a composer and producer from Germany, living in the Odenwald.

I am specialized in composition and sound design for media – film, TV and video games.

I graduated from the University of West London in February 2020 with a bachelor’s degree as a ,Music Technology Specialist‘ and I am currently studying ,MFA – Video Game & Media Composition‘ at Thinkspace Education.

You can contact me here.

Below you can see some selected pieces of my work.


That’s me.


That’s a guitar.

Music for Media

The #rapunzelchallenge 2020 was a project for a good cause. I composed and produced the music and mixed/mastered all the audio.

This project was developed in cooperation with AL DENTE ENTERTAINMENT GmbH.

Westworld Scoring Competition 2020

This is my entry for the Westworld Scoring Competition 2020,

which is a collaboration between Spitfire Audio and the US television company HBO.


I also produce remixes for other well-known musicians.
On Spotify you can listen to my remix of the song:

For So Long‚ by Toby Webster.